Meet Andrew Irby & MBA


Born and raised in a family of communications professionals; marketing, printing, and magazine production was always apart of Andrew’s (Drew) family and he started at a very tender age in the advertising world.  Beginning in his “teens” Andrew promoted clubs and underground magazines such as Fader Magazine, as well as the first underground record label in the Rhode Island market with Rawkus label music.  Branching out from there Andrew helped to introduce and establish KMX which was an early energy drink from the people at Fader Magazine.

During this same period Andrew promoted the music label and searched for new talent in the clubs by hosting, promoting and cultivating a following by handling the DJ duties. In addition to the clubs and music scene,  Andrew founded (Rhode Island Street Racing) where he handled the planning, funding, marketing and hosting for multiple shows growing from a modest 95 cars to well over 400 in a short time.  Through this venture, he teamed up with NAPA, Toyota, Slipstream Media (Mazda’s US marketing agency of record), Hot Import Nights/Days, local radio stations (Hot 106FM) and Red Bull. The events established a popularity that garnered time on the Speed Channel for the segments at Lime Rock Raceway.  At its peak and sale the site had generated well over one million hits per month.

In the last eight years Andrew has handled all of the marketing, promotions, advertising, web development, and graphic design for M2 Motor Yachts ( , FAMARS and FAMARS USA, ( ( and The Preserve (

Additionally, he has worked on a variety of marketing communications projects including:

  • Phytonutritia (initial website design and implementation, broker and retailer presentation, collateral materials and prints ad;


In his career Andrew has handled all aspects of sales, promotion, marketing (traditional and digital), advertising and online analytic. He is a is young and busy professional with three children: whenever he has spare time he enjoys building performance cars and motorcycles, as well as participating in semi-pro football, boxing, mixed martial arts and coaches minor league baseball.

Marketing By Andrew Irby: Overview

Small and mid-sized companies (as well as nonprofits) are increasingly faced with a mounting number of marketing and marketing communications challenges, including:

  • How to improve marketing return on investment (ROI)
  • The need for experienced marketing professionals
  • Limited budget and time
  • New versus traditional media evaluation and selection
  • Website optimization and traffic measurement
  • Identifying trustworthy partners and consultants

As the founder and hands on manager of Marketing by Andrew, I understand your concerns, and have helped clients with these and many other marketing issues.

My success has come through concentrating on a small group of clients. I am driven to provide my clients with positive and profitable solutions to their problems.  Their successes is my success.  While I personally work on every assignment, I occasionally will also include a select group of senior level marketing and marketing communications professionals, who share my view of a true client partnership. The Kullberg Consulting Group (KCG) and I have been partnering for some time to deliver meaningful strategic direction and impactful new and traditional tactics and messaging, as well as analytics to evaluate and improve the ROI of our programs.

Obviously, marketing is a key element to the profitable success of a business or nonprofit.  Regardless of size all organizations need marketing; how else would your audience know of your services or products, much less believe in the performance and value of your product or service?   There are many different types of marketing. Traditional forms of marketing consist of print, TV, radio, events, PR and direct mail,  with many sub- categories. Digital marketing consists of social media, content marketing, SMS/MMS, email, and paid search,  again with different forms of each.  All in all, marketing can be overwhelming for the small business owner and tough to understand for  the average businessperson.

This is where I come in to help. With over 10 years of experience I have dealt with a wide range of clients who all have different needs and budgets. Marketing is essential to your businesses survival;  don’t let the uncharted seas of marketing deter you.