Digital Marketing


The uncharted sea of digital marketing can be confusing to many established businesses because it’s still very new and fresh. New improvements are being discovered daily, along with tighter regulations and rules on the do’s and do not’s of the digital world. Companies like FaceBook and Google (and their subsidiaries) own the digital world.

Digital Marketing is generally an efficient form of marketing. Often, you can reach thousands for less than ten dollars a day
However, as we have also learned the results can be misleading. For example, when companies like Google and FaceBook sell ads they also track and report how well your ads are doing – not always accurately..

Let’s say you publish an online video; you notice it’s getting a lot of views, but no one has called, or emailed you, and you have yet to see an influx of traffic to your website and or business. Well, here’s the truth (according to– in-order to be counted as a view on YouTube all someone has to do is watch the first thirty seconds of your video. And a it’s only three seconds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Metrics like this are frequently misused by companies to get an approximate impression of digital ads before they are placed.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg..

Now, we can’t go into depth on how or why all of this is the way it is, but we can tell you this… We know how to chart these deep and murky waters. We have a proven record of success in this field coupled with great results with SEO (both paid and organic).

Being in the know has always been our strong suit. We understand the digital world, and can help improve your message and your brand, while increasing your bottom line with our proven methods in marketing and marketing communications.